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Bobblehead Game


1. Place your order and upload your photos.

2. Our artist who specializes in facial expressions will meticulously sculpt the face based on the photos provided by the customer

 Custom Bobblehead 1

3. We will send the picture of the Bobblehead face for the customer approval through email.

Custom Bobblehead 4

4. On the receipt of the sample Bobblehead designed face picture the customer might offer some changes or suggest few corrections.


Custom Bobblehead 2
Custom Bobblehead 3

5. On receiving the approval from the customer we will finalize the Bobblehead mold and oven it.

Custom Bobblehead 5



6. Our artisans will give life to the Bobblehead by coloring it and know what our customers seeing this will want it shipped instantly

Custom Bobblehead 6


7. Realizing the great anxiety of our customers we will pack the Bobblehead in custom made boxes and will ship it through FedEx.


8. The customers receive the custom made Bobblehead usually within three weeks

 Custom Bobblehead 7




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